The Conservatorship of Britney Spears

How many people not named Britney does it take to handle Britney Spears’ affairs? It turns out that the response may be two. Recently, a court authorized her fiancu00e9 as a co-conservator in charge of her everyday affairs. Her father has actually been her conservator since 2008 and will likewise continue because capability.

While it is unclear to the public why Britney Spears requires a conservator at all, her case does illustrate a crucial lesson for everyone: planning ahead for your ultimate incapacitation is a better concept than leaving it approximately the courts.
The longer you live, the most likely it becomes that at some time you will no longer have the ability to effectively manage your own affairs. Another person will need to do it. If you have not designated someone ahead of time, then a court will need to select somebody, or as Spears’ case shows, the court can appoint two people.

Having a skilled estate planning lawyer draft a General Durable Power of Attorney for you is a simple method to prevent having a court choose who should be in charge of your affairs. The other key point to take away from Spears is that you need to not wait until you are older. No matter how old you are, you never know when you might be stated as unskilled as Britney Spears.