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Hudack Law


Our firm specializes in helping individuals, corporations and small businesses with all their legal needs. Because we are well versed in business law (some of us even have our own small businesses on the side) we know exactly what it takes to help you in all your personal and business endeavors.

Location: 1250 Corona Pointe Court, Suite 402 Corona, CA 92879Website: 951-708-3577

Mitchellweiler Law Corporation


Irvine: (949) 852-3603 Corona: (951) 549-7924 Email: Throughout his

Location: 980 Montecito Drive, Suite 101 Corona, CA 92879Website: 951-549-7924

Montanez Yu


Montanez Yu Lawyers in Corona, CA

Location: 127 Radio Road, Suite 2 Corona, CA 92879Website: 949-864-6642

Alexander Solhi & Associates


Alexander Solhi & Associates is dedicated to helping injured workers. If a party unconnected with your own employer such as a contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer or another third party was responsible in whole or part in causing your work accident., you have an opportunity to recover additional compensation through a personal injury claim.

Location: 650 East Parkridge Ave. Suite 111, Corona CA 92879Website: 714-707-5111

West Coast Trial Lawyers


West Coast Trial Lawyers in Corona, CA

Location: 765 North Main Street, Suite 148 Corona, CA 92880Website: 888-979-9356

Alvandi Law Group


Alvandi Law Group is a large workers’ compensation plaintiff advocacy firm based out of Orange County. Our attorneys have attended prestigious universities all over California and across the United States.

Location: 765 N Main St Suite 148 Corona, CA 9288Website: 800-980-6905



Location: 1101-1199 W Burr St, Corona, CA 92882, USA